Making Financial Adjustments for Financial Success (God & Finances Book 1)

Making Financial Adjustments for Financial Success (God & Finances Book 1)

This book takes a personal look at how to overcome personal financial adversity.

It does not give you pie in the sky solutions but looks at it from the perspective of someone who had to live it. Chapters in the book include "What is Your Plan, Where are We At Today, Money; Servant or Master" and many others. Will include a section on creditors, building credit, recovering from financial setbacks and many other. If you are looking to make financial adjustments in your life to achieve the financial success you know you deserve and want then read this book!
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About the Book

Financial difficulties have hit many of us at some time or another. Sometimes it happens and the reasons are out of our control but we are forced to deal with the consequences. Just like a pilot makes adjustments when they fly through a storm we have to make changes when it comes to our finances. This book walks us through some of the mental, physical, emotional and financial changes necessary for a change in life.

Genres: Business, Career, Financial
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ISBN: 1500755206
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About the Author
Dr. Jeff Davis

Dr. Jeff Davis has spent over 15 years in full-time ministry teaching, preaching and proclaiming the word of the Lord. His concise style of making the complicated plan allows him to reach people of all education levels with an understanding of the love and grace of our God.