Do You Want A Date or A Mate: What Do You Want (Marriage Series Book 4)

Do You Want A Date or A Mate: What Do You Want (Marriage Series Book 4)

Do you want to date? Are you looking for someone who wants to go out with you? What about finding your life time soul mate? It is possible to do that.

This book looks at the concept of dating from what dating is, how to find that date, the first date, the second date and how to date for a mate. It is filled with examples and scenarios for those who are looking to date great. When you are looking for ways to make dating both fun and productive, take some tips from this book.
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About the Book

Dating is a great experience if done right. This book focuses on what dating is, how to find a suitable date, the first date, second date and third date. It also looks at how to move from dating to mating, how to end a bad date and where to go when it is good.

Genres: Family, Inspirational, Relationship
Tags: Family, Relationship
ISBN: 1502818140
List Price: 5.99
eBook Price: 1.99
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About the Author
Dr. Jeff Davis

Dr. Jeff Davis has spent over 15 years in full-time ministry teaching, preaching and proclaiming the word of the Lord. His concise style of making the complicated plan allows him to reach people of all education levels with an understanding of the love and grace of our God.