Becoming an Insurance Professional: Making money by earning it (God Work & Career Book 2)

Becoming an Insurance Professional: Making money by earning it (God Work & Career Book 2)

This book takes a long hard look at the Insurance sales position from the viewpoint of a sale agent.

It looks at both the benefits and pitfalls to a career in Insurance Sales. Too many people got to Insurance school, get a license, sit through training and then make no money. The Insurance industry has one of the highest turns over of new agents of any industry out there now. Why is that? In this book you will explore things that work, things that don't and how you can make a career of this if you find the right company, get the right training and make the right connections. The goal of this book is to help every agent who sincerely wants a chance doing this to have that chance. No fluff. No empty promises of untold riches. And a dose of truth about what it truly means to be an agent for one of these companies.
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About the Book

To succeed in a career as an Insurance Professional takes time, effort and energy. The challenge is when things are not going your way and trying to stay encouraged until they do. This book focuses on the good and the bad when it comes to investing. It looks at characteristics of good sales agents and how to focus more on what you want than what you may be going through.

Genres: Business, Career, God, Leadership
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ISBN: 150075451X
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About the Author
Dr. Jeff Davis

Dr. Jeff Davis has spent over 15 years in full-time ministry teaching, preaching and proclaiming the word of the Lord. His concise style of making the complicated plan allows him to reach people of all education levels with an understanding of the love and grace of our God.