Becoming An Effective Leader: Leadership Explained

Becoming An Effective Leader: Leadership Explained

The world has risen and fallen based on its leaders.

Those who have led their civilizations successfully have ushered society into new realms of awareness. Those who have led poorly have led their society to ruin. What makes the difference? It is not the person but rather their style of leadership. When we understand what it takes to lead right we find the courage to take those around us to the next level.
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About the Book

Leadership is not optional. There are those who wish they could choose to “not lead” but choosing that option can be devastating to those who have to lean on you for support. Parents have to parent; teachers have to teach; employers must employ, and leaders must lead.
This book explores the concept of leadership and reveals how to move to a more effective role as a leader. You will be both inspired and encouraged to take this journey with a smile and confident expectation.

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About the Author
Dr. Jeff Davis

Dr. Jeff Davis has spent over 15 years in full-time ministry teaching, preaching and proclaiming the word of the Lord. His concise style of making the complicated plan allows him to reach people of all education levels with an understanding of the love and grace of our God.