Wake Up To Win Daily Devotional: God's Way Is Still The Best Way (Grow Closer to God Book 1)

This is a daily devotional unlike any other. It combines four elements to help make the intake of the Word of God paramount in the lives of the reader.

(1) Scripture for the day

(2) explanation of that Scripture in reading that will take less than 5 minutes (3) Daily prayer

(4) admonitions to meditate on the devotional throughout the day.

In the evening the reader is encouraged to come and review what they read that morning. The goal of the devotional is to use meditation to put the truths of God's word into the hearts and spirits of those who read it.

Doc Jeff

About the Author

As President and Founder of Jeff Davis Ministries International Dr Davis is focused on making a difference. His organization seeks to help in the fight against cancer, to raise education standards in third world countries and fighting the war against hunger in America. His mission is to help people reach their full potential. He does this by meeting people where they are and helping them to accomplish the goals they have in their lives.. He has put this knowledge in book form for the world to see. He has years of experience in marriage, relationships and business. He serves as President of Lordship Companies Inc. a Real Estate & Insurance company Jeff Davis Ministries International, an outreach to address hunger and education worldwide. He is married to his beautiful wife Liz and has children in college. He holds a Doctorate in Theology and Masters degree in Biblical Studies along with licenses in Insurance and Real Estate

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